Virgin and ChildToday is the feast of the Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary. There are tons of  Marian feast days in the Catholic Church. Each one invites us to ponder a different aspect of the Mother of God. I don’t want to go into Marian dogma or spirituality in this short post. But if you are curious and have 2 minutes, click here to see a great video on what Catholics believe about the Virgin Mary.

What I’d like to invite you to do is to reflect on the “names” we have for Mary. Click here for 2 beautiful Litanies of Mary. As you pray them, notice which titles attract your attention. Pause there, and let Mary reveal herself to you more deeply. You might also ask yourself what that title reveals about you and your life at this time.

Mary, Mother of those discerning God’s voice in their lives, pray for us.