Bitter sweet feelings as we are writing this. Today, we said goodbye to many of the people who worked with us throughout the week. With their help,  we were able to attend to the needs of many, many travelers: preparing food, serving food, collecting donations, distributing clothes, and working with the sick.

Describing the Catholic Charities Respite Center does not do it justice. You need to be there to truly experience the obstacles that the travelers have to endure. Looking into the eyes of the sick, scared, hopeful, and very grateful travelers, you will be transformed for ever.
Today, we woke up and headed to another day of service. As we walked through the double doors past the security guards, we instantly went to work. We cleaned, cooked, organized, passed out clothes/food, and played with many children. At 1:00, a new group of volunteers came to release us at our stations so we could take our lunch break. Soon after, we came back and got to work.
At 4:30, we had the opportunity to visit the local area. After that, we walked to a local food trucks court called “The Yard”.  Now we are heading to bed to get rested for another memorable day.
Through our experience this week, we have seen how immigrant people are beautifully able to rise above all differences and unite as brothers and sisters.
                                                                                                    Kayla and Faith