Starting off the day, everyone packed a healthy lunch that we would take downtown with us to the center for a quick lunch. As we arrived at 9, the center swarmed with groups of people of all different ages. Our small group split up to conquer the tasks of that day, whether it be helping out in the kitchen, giving out personal hygiene products, or sorting and giving out clothes to those who needed new articles. A few of our people went in the back, sorted out donations of hygiene products and put them into little family bags. While serving lunch, a little boy named Joseph* kept coming up to us asking how to say basic words in English.

The lunch shifts are very hectic due to the number of people who need food, but there are always travelers there who step up and help us serve the lunch. They are all very noble, serving the others before grabbing their own, even though they had been working already to help with the food. When it was our turn for lunch break, we took a little stroll downtown to eat our picnic lunches. We sat outside and soaked up the sun, finishing with frozen yogurt! Closing out the day, we served soup for dinner, sorted and passed out more clothing, and overall lent a hand to those in need. 

Returning to our hotel near the Basilica, Sister Rose gave us a backstory on the Church and  Our Lady of San Juan. Shortly after, we all piled into our cars and ate dinner at Luby’s – which was a first for most! Putting an end to our eventful day, we came back to our hotel to reflect on the day and eat some more ice cream! We reflected and shared on the people who impacted our lives and how we are trying to help restore human dignity to these persons!

-Chloe, Hope, Cameron

*Names were changed for safety