It took awhile to get our whole Ursuline Summer Service group here, but as of last night at 9:15, all are present.  Four of us had difficulty getting out of St. Louis because of storms, which meant missed connections and almost a 7 hour wait in Houston.  We had to relax, read, chat, and settle in until they called our flight to Harlingen.  All this meant a very late arrival in San Juan, after midnight, and we were glad to have Sunday as a free day before beginning work at Catholic Charities.

Sr. Pat and Cameron joined us from New York on Sunday morning, so we did grocery shopping in the afternoon, then took a ride to see where we will be working and  the famous Rio Grande river.  It is striking to see our border lined by barbed wire and metal barriers. There were long lines of cars waiting to come into the U.S. The weather is very hot, well above 100 degrees with a feel of more than 110.  We are becoming more and more aware of what the immigrant people we will meet have already endured.

By Sunday evening, our last two volunteers had arrived, and we took time for orientation, planning and prayer. We’ve received many notes from Ursulines around the country, promising us prayer and support.  Friends and families are also with us in spirit, we know.  Thank you to all!  More news will follow throughout the week.