It was a simple reunion of the Ursuline Summer Volunteer group of 2015.  None of us could believe 3 years had  passed, but memories of that week of service in Laredo, Texas, are vivid and real.  Ursuline alums who had worked side by side with us sisters are now professional women doing amazing things like graphic art, accounting, coaching Ursuline’s varsity volleyball team (they won last night!!), teaching, and grad school (face-timed into our gathering). We are so very proud of each of them.

We gathered after UA’s volleyball game at a local pizza place that allowed for lots of excited conversation and laughter.  We remembered the elderly folks we had served at the senior center in Laredo, and the dear lady who selected one of our volunteers as a perfect “future nun.” We shared photos of a mother and baby who had just arrived across the Mexican border, and the hanging laundry we did to prepare beds for newly arrived immigrants.  We reminisced about shopping for Mexican trinkets and enjoying mariachis who serenaded us.  We even remembered the simple menus we prepared for meals together at the Ursuline house where we stayed.

Last evening was a time to renew friendships that are forged when people reach out together to serve those most in need.  For us steeped in the Ursuline spirit of Serviam, it’s an essential of life that lasts forever.  Even the pizza guy remarked to me when I ordered more food, “there seems to be a  special bond in your group. It’s great to see.”  Yes, it was really shining last night.