As an alumna of Ursuline Academy of St. Louis, it’s my joy to assist with the Alumnae Board retreat each year.  The theme for the school’s 2018-19 year was the focus of our gathering this week: “Celebrate What’s Right In Our World.” 

Our model, St. Angela, and her attitude toward the world of her day launched our reflection.  Early 16th century Italy was a difficult time, one of war, corruption, chaos and confusion—enough to make anyone despair.  But Angela was bigger than that.  She listened to the Holy Spirit speaking to her in her heart, and decided to do what she could.  Known in her town as a woman of kindness, prayer and peace-making, she gathered 2 dozen young women together and began a new life of consecration to God called Ursuline.  She remained positive and faith-filled: “Persevere faithfully and joyfully”;  “Without doubt, you will see marvelous things”; “I will always be in your midst”.

Taking a fast-forward to TODAY, it was not hard for the group to name what is right in OUR world as women blessed by an Ursuline education.  The flow of ideas and enthusiasm built from one to another. Gratitude was evident, even without saying the word.

I was, as always, in awe at these graduates who are now professional women, wives, mothers, generous, active and committed to a school they love. They want to celebrate what’s right in our world and keep it growing.  Right on!