Hello! Lyndsey and Jeannie here! Well it is our second wonderful, hot day working here at Haven for Hope. Today started out with a great tour of the campus where we were able to learn all about the mission of the program and all the services they offer on the beautiful twenty-two acre campus. Between yesterday and today, we also learned about the cycle of homelessness and how it particularly affects families and children. A story was told to us about a family who had three generations of women born in homeless shelters. Yesterday, as we volunteered in the courtyard and Intake, we met many strong mothers with small children who were unable to be put in the family residence because there was no room. As they wait for more permanent setting on the campus, they are able to stay in offices, meeting rooms, and in the chapel with mats and blankets. This living situation is called being in “overflow.” We cannot get the images of these children out of our mind and hearts. As a member of our group said last night during sharing time, “No child should ever be considered overflow…”

Please pray for all the families at Haven for Hope and the breaking of this vicious cycle.

We are not allowed to take pictures with the residents so here are some pictures of our volunteer work in the kitchen and the art class these past two days.