In this week between Ascension and Pentecost, the promise of Jesus that “the Holy Spirit will teach you all things” rings clear.  There’s a whole lot I need to be taught these days—-like what to believe about North Korea, Israel, the US/ Mexican border and China, as well as what can be done about hunger, disease and terrorism.  I’d love to have a window into the truth of how to really live together in peace, starting with my own city, and extending into our country, church and world.

The Holy Spirit will teach you . . . . I believe this. But we must work hard at helping one another arrive at truth.  If the truth will make us free, which Jesus also said, then we need to get better at searching together for it.  Why does so much  communication have the effect of shutting people down instead of opening a path to shared wisdom?

As we celebrate the Holy Spirit among us, the Wisdom and Truth of God, we might take up this prayer from World Communications Day. Praying and living what it says could lead us to find what we all desire.