Sr. Rita Ann and I are in Rome for an international meeting of our sisters here from every continent. We’re engaged in deep listening, first to the Holy Spirit, and then to one another as we plan for our 2019 General Chapter. It’s always a gift to be with sisters from so many countries and cultures.  We make great effort to listen well, to be sure we understand what others are sharing, often in unfamiliar languages, and to have hearts open to God’s Spirit and the wisdom of the group.

After 6 full days of meetings, we had a little free time, and Sr. Rita and I took off to see some of Rome by night.  St. Peter’s Basilica lit up is a sight to behold, even from a distance.  Trevi Fountain is also beautiful, as people throw coins into the water with hopes of returning to Rome again. The number of selfies taken there is astronomical.

We still have several days of work ahead of us.  I think the listening we do makes even more sense as we become aware of the “cries of the poor” all around us.  Our sisters bring stories of the people of their countries and regions.  And in our walk around Rome the other evening, we saw a  man crawling into his cardboard box at the door of an old building, and a “tent city” for homeless under the porticoes of a beautiful old church.  Speak to us now, Holy Spirit, and teach us your ways!