Four days away from Christmas, it seems to me that much of the music on radio and television specials is raucous and trivial.  Does it have anything to do with what this season is really about?

This morning, as I reflected on the story of Mary, I felt awe at the miracle that occurred for her. When the angel tells her she’ll bear a son whose kingdom will never end, she learns it will happen by the power of the Holy Spirit, and that “nothing will be impossible for God.” Mary’s simple yes is: “May it be done to me according to your word.” It sounds so easy—maybe because we’ve heard the story so many times.  But imagine the miracle she was saying yes to.  She recognized it, consented to it, and lived it.

What wonders happen in our everyday lives? Do we take time to relish them, be grateful, and agree to God’s power acting in us?  Perhaps a family member has recovered from illness. . . a work project’s been successful . . . a friendship strengthened. Has a winter sunrise amazed you . . . a warm fire comforted you? Remember that fantastic solar eclipse in August?  Listen closely to the miracles in your life, and say “YES.” That’s the true music of Christmas.