Hurricanes, tropical storms and earthquakes have been constant in our lives these last days and weeks.  For those living in stricken areas, it has been terrifying.  How many millions have lived in darkness, without electricity?  And for others, there’s been a sense of helplessness and horror at having to simply watch from afar.

In the midst of all the chaos, we’ve marked two feasts of Mary, mother of Jesus—-her birthday on September 8, and today, the feast of her Most Holy Name.  I learned last week that sometimes Mary is likened to the moon. That’s because the light of the moon is only a reflection of the light of the sun.

Perhaps what we can best do in response to the suffering of these days is learn from Mary to rediscover our light. Mary stands with us at the foot of the Cross. She leads us to Jesus, true Light of the World, and helps us trust at all times in him. Reoriented by that light, we will have all the more to reflect and share with those in need.