It’s a great support to me knowing that St. Angela, foundress of the Ursulines, was truly a contemplative woman. Everything we know about her shows she was able to discover and enjoy God’s presence at every moment of life. She’s a model for all who share her charism and want to grow spiritually. I’m also inspired by what “contemplative spirit” means to some women today:

“. . . living life from a centeredness which comes from a life of prayer.  It gives me the freedom to live with the questions, trusting the answers to unfold in God’s time.  When I experience people and the ordinary events of the day through God’s eyes of unconditional love, I see with more clarity, depth, beauty and understanding.” –Terri Rogan

“. . . God being constantly with me.  The ways are varied, like a friend that you meet for lunch, sometimes talk on the phone or send an email.  When I go to Mass, receive the Eucharist, say a rosary, read some Scripture, or just sit and talk it all out with the Lord, I feel the heart of Jesus listening to me and loving me. . . It’s really an ongoing conversation between God and me that I constantly experience, even if at times I do most of the talking! God really knows how to listen.”  —Michelle Malawey

“Contemplation is a gift of God. In it we experience Being as one.  We stand before it by emptying ourselves of self-aggrandizement, of ambition. The great gift of God to each and all of us is the realization that God loves us unconditionally just as we are. We did nothing to earn God’s love and we can do nothing to lose it.” –Sr. Carla Dolce