Back in the 1500’s, St. Angela urged her newly formed group of Ursulines to visit each other and encourage one another.  “Please go often,” she said.  I believe we do that well. On Saturday, I visited my former high school principal, Ursuline Sr. Mary Ann Luth, in the care center where she resides. She’s 97 now and facing health challenges, but we had a wonderful visit.  I came away personally encouraged and amazed as always at her expansive heart and interest in happenings around the world.

Yesterday, there was another visit. A Holy Spirit Sister who had attended one of our Ursuline schools in Jakarta, Indonesia, brought 3 young women to learn about the Ursulines. We love to share about Angela’s charism and how it is alive today. There were great questions and lots of lively conversation.

Angela brings people together. Peace-maker, gentle listener, steeped in the wisdom of God’s Spirit, she encouraged and brought joy to those she met in her lifetime.  We try to do the same today. It’s sure that the benefits are great, overflowing from one person to another.