I came across this park bench while visiting a local Earth Day festival last month. While others passed by, I was drawn to pause. Perhaps more than any of the booths I visited or people I spoke with, this simple message echoed in me. I do respect the land. Do I actually make a difference?

As Ursulines, respect for the land is in our DNA. As a young, single woman, St. Angela worked the fields of her family farm in Italy. She knew the care and work required to tend the earth with respect in order to reap the harvest. As a lay Franciscan, Angela was deeply influenced by St. Francis and his respect for “our Sister, Mother Earth, who sustains and governs us.” As her daughters, Ursulines around the world work hand in hand with others to show and teach respect for the land, making a difference by caring for our common home. Click here to read about the initiatives our French Ursuline Sisters are promoting to save the planet.