So much seems to be about control these days–who controls the government, who decides what’s on TV, who sets the prices of food, etc. In our personal lives, issues of control slither into our minds and try to convince us we can control just about everything. But we can’t.

At a recent meeting of vocation directors, we shared our efforts to help young adults learn to discern choices about their future. We talked about wanting people to realize that Religious Life continues to be a wonderful life-choice. Our passion for the Good News of Jesus and the charisms and missions of our Congregations is profound, and we want to extend that to others. But we were clearly aware that the real future of Religious Life, or of anything for that matter, is out of our hands. We do the best we can, but ultimately, we are quite powerless.

This meeting was held at a Benedictine Retreat Center.  I was astonished early one morning when I stepped outside with my first cup of coffee. There before me was an enormous statue of St. Benedict, founder of Western monasticism, dwarfed by the magnificence of the dawn sky. With arms upraised, Benedict seemed to praise God for everything and surrender all to God.The view said everything about who’s really in control.  The God of life who has guided us for centuries will continue to lead us on.