In my part of the world, the spring equinox took place yesterday at exactly 5:29 a.m. It excites me to think of the new growth, emerging beauty, and resurgence of life that it brings. I want to stand in the sun and let it warm me from the outside in.

Springtime is a season of earth that mirrors the spiritual transformation of Lent. The Scriptures speak of those whose hearts have been “turned away from the Lord” and are like “barren bushes in the wasteland that enjoy no change of season.” Imagine what it would be to have no rhythm of seasons, to never have spring!  

With effort, we can move out of spiritual barrenness. Whatever seems dead in us—might it be enthusiasm, kindness, hope?—-if tended and pruned, will begin to blossom again. As we move through these weeks of Lent, it’s very helpful to consciously choose practices that open us to conversion.  Jesus invites us to this springtime of the soul which we all need.