2017valentines-daychallenge-3We’re about to begin a new month, and guess what? Two weeks until Valentine’s Day! Despite the media hype and commercialization, February 14th still invites us to reflect on friendship.  We all know that friendship doesn’t just happen. It’s a process that takes time—a lifetime.

How about trying something new this year and take the 14-day Valentine Challenge? Between now and February 14th spend time each day reflecting on your friendship with Jesus. After all, that friendship is the most important one we have! Consider things like: How friendly am I with Jesus? Are we bff’s? When did we last spend time together? What do we usually talk about? Who does most of the talking? How much do you really know about him? I’m sure you’ll think of more questions! Consider placing red flowers somewhere in your home to remind you of your commitment to deepening friendship with Jesus. Then, when February 14th arrives, you’ll really have a reason to celebrate!