January is always a time of Jubilee for the Ursulines. Over the years, many Sisters professed vows in January. This week alone, eleven Sisters throughout our province are marking 50, 60 and even 70 years of religious profession! That’s really something to celebrate! Ursuline Cross

In our Ursuline Constitutions in the chapter titled Our Religious Consecration we read: In order to be a sign of the love of God and the power of the Spirit, we take to heart true human values and are willing to be, like Christ, a sign of contradiction to everything that is opposed to his spirit. In our world today, taking to heart true human values is no small thing. Perhaps today more than ever our world needs faithful witnesses who embody values such as integrity, respect, justice, equality and dignity. So much of what we see and experience is to the contrary. Our call to be a sign of contradiction to all that’s opposed to the Spirit is the work of every day. These days of Jubilee invite me to pause and reflect on this call and to give thanks for my Sisters whose witness of fidelity and religious consecration inspire me on my own journey of religious life.