Happy Feast of All Saints!  To prepare this post, I surfed the web a little to see what’s been said about modern day saints, and I found a nice blog written by Faith Noah.  I p1020727quote her:

  • “The truth is: there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter saint.
  • YOU DO YOU–Each person has a unique path to sainthood. There is no mold. There is no yellow-brick road to follow. There is only you and God’s distinct plan for your life. The only prerequisite you must meet is love for the Lord. . . .you have the chance to be a saint in your daily decisions to live for Christ, whatever that may look like. . . . The Church and the world needs you, future saints. . . Show ‘em what you’ve got.
  • Our world is in desperate need of saints who understand what it’s like to be a Christian in modern times.”

Read the whole post on the Life Teen website to learn more about becoming one of today’s unique and beautiful saints, filled with enthusiasm and self-giving love.