Tomorrow is the Feast of St. Ursula. Our foundress St. Angela chose her as patroness for her new group of brave young women. She wanted to place Ursula before her daughters who were embarking on a new life, beginning something unknown in Brescia at the time. Mysaint_ursula_protecting_the_eleven_thousand_virgins_with_her_cloak imagination goes wild as I consider the life-lessons Ursula has to share not just with Ursulines, but with all who resonate with the spirit and charism of Angela Merici.

This is the Ursula whom my heart knowsa young woman of deep faith, conscious of who she was (a princess!) and ready to take uncommon risks for the sake of Jesus Christ and the Gospel…a leader, a woman in whom others recognized skills and passion and were eager companions …a dreamer, who didn’t fear to think big and invite others to trust their dreams…God-centered, holding nothing back, entrusting herself and her companions into the loving hands of God…a courageous witness to the power of God at work in her (and each of us!) transforming lives and society through the experience and leadership of women everywhere since the 4th century. What is it about St. Ursula’s life that resonates most with you?