Last Sunday my local Ursuline community had an outing to the Missouri Botanical Garden. After attending Mass together at a local parish we drove the short distance to the Gardens, where we enjoyed a tasty lunch followed by a leisurely walk through the bot-garden-2016various exhibits. What made the afternoon even more special was our guest, Sr. Colette Marie, an Ursuline from France whom you met here.

Sharing Eucharist together, followed by an immersion in the breathtaking beauty of God’s creation, was a wonderful way to live Sabbath. Life is so full, and even we Sisters get caught-up in the disease of busyness and overwork. Rest and recreation are essential values in everyone’s lives. Most people I know, myself included, find that regular time off from work of any kind makes us more productive when we return to it. If you’re interested in recapturing the spirit of Sabbath in your life, read Becky Eldredge’s short post Reclaiming Sabbath and see where it might lead you.