Our world is noisy. Our lives are noisy. We have constant chatter in our heads. Even when we’re supposed to be sleeping, our electronic devices—so rarely powered down— make noise next to our heads. Constant noise is detrimental to a lot of things, but I’m increasingly convinced of the negative effect of unrelenting noise on my sodawn-clipartul. I crave times of silence and stillness. I need to step apart from the noise each day in order to be able to engage the world from a deeper, thoughtful, Gospel-centered place.

One way I counteract the noise of life is through the self-discipline of rising early and sitting in silent prayer. If you aren’t a morning person, please don’t stop reading! Simply translate what works for me into what works best for you. Silence changes me. Silence provides what I need to let go of the superficial clutter and begin to “hear” more deeply. I hear the whispers of my heart. I hear the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.

I offer you two sources of encouragement to further your own practice of silence. One comes from Shemaiah Gonzalez, a young married woman with 2 children. The other is Silent Together. If a practice of silence is new for you, start with small steps. Carve out 5 or 10 minutes each day. Be creative, like Shemaiah. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t get rid of the clutter in your head. It will eventually subside. Ask God for the grace of faithfulness..