P1040280Our Ursuline visitor from France has been here 3 weeks, and she seems to be thriving. She’s engaged in one-on-one English practice with Ursuline sisters three mornings a week, and enjoys other learning experiences in between.  “Field-trips” to the St. Louis Arch, Cathedrals, Science Center, and Art Museum have been interspersed with opportunities to meet and converse with our sisters involved in Social Justice, sponsorship of schools, vocation ministry, earth justice, and ministries in schools and parishes.   Still to come are trips to Alton and Springfield, Illinois and New Orleans, Louisiana, where she’ll see where the French Ursulines first came in 1727.

P10402937It’s always amazing to see how quickly a sister from another country and culture can fit right in.  Though her English is good and some of us know French, it’s the values and spirit we share that make us immediately sisters.  When we sit down to share a meal (and she cooked for us one night!) or pray evening prayer together, it’s as though we’ve always known one another.  The bonds have been formed by an international sisterhood that extends from sea to sea and from north to south.  Thank you, God of communion!  Thank you, St. Angela!