The senseless violence of the last few weeks, together with the hatred and brutality across the globe, is impossible to make sense of. It seems as if the heart of everyone I know is weighed down by deep sadness and despair. How do we become the change we want to see in the world? How do we move forward as a society, a civilization, a Church? To this last question I offer a reflective article by Sr. Christin Tomy, OP called Showing Up.

For many people (myself included) when we don’t know what to do about something, we do nothing. Inertia prevents us from creating change in ourselves, our families, our parish, neighborhood, etc. Action isn’t necessarily always the first step. When I find myself in this space, I try to free my head and heart of what it holds. I need to make room there for something new, different, radical. A good friend recently shared with me a prayer practice she uses to help her focus her thoughts during unity clip artperiods of anxiety and chaos—coloring. Yes, like with crayons and markers! Her “prayer practice” sparked my curiosity as I recently made a retreat in which I tried my hand at sketching and found it very helpful. So I started to dig. A great introduction is the article 4 Reasons Coloring Is a Part of My Prayer Life. And I also found a new adult coloring book/journal by one of my favorite artists Br. Mickey McGrath called Drawing Closer to God. I ordered a copy online and can’t wait for it to arrive! If you’ve experimented with art as prayer, I’d love to hear from you! If you haven’t, perhaps this simple practice will unleash something in you. Give it a try? The world needs our engagement!