P1030995We had an action packed Tuesday! Yesterday we had the pleasure of doing paper mache balloons, wood block sculptures, we had the opportunity to sketch in the French Quarter, and did our own version of textured watercolor paints. It was action packed and led right into day three!


Today (Wednesday) was a fun filled day of projects and a field trip. The morning started off with a fun picture project and adorable self portraits! We headed to the New Orleans Art Museum after lunch and the fun really began. We got to see several types of painting including impressionist, still life, landscapes and portraits. We also got the chance to explore the sculpture garden! Everyone enjoyed the sculpture garden and museum and learned a lot of new and fun information.


IMG_1545The camp counselors are also having lots of fun! Yesterday we all had the chance to visit the Historic Old Ursuline Convent- the oldest building in the Mississippi Valley! We explored the rest of the French Quarter together and had some bonding time as sisters. We enjoyed MORE beignets and coffee together and visited several fun shops. We then went to Maspero’s Cafe with Sister Elisa and Sister Jean and enjoyed a wonderful New Orleans style meal together as a group. We cannot wait for the rest of the week and the adventures it will bring us and the children!

Paige & Savannah