Pentecost is approaching. It’s a feast that I really love. I’ve been using the prayers and scripture readings the last few days to prepare. As I read John 20:19-23 I was struck by the mention of the locked door. padlock clip artThe apostles took refuge in the upper room after Jesus’ death because they were fearful. They thought that they, too, would be arrested and crucified because of their association with Jesus. So they did what most people would do—they hid.

It made me start thinking of the doors in my own life that I lock because of fear. Sometimes I lock the door of interdependence when I fear asking for help. Sometimes I lock the door of dialogue because I’m afraid to talk with people who seem different than me. These are just two examples. You probably have your own.

But here’s the Good News! The Holy Spirit removes fear and replaces it with courage. You know what happens next in the Pentecost account. After the coming of the Holy Spirit, nothing could stop the apostles from proclaiming Christ! They travelled far and wide, were arrested, beaten, and underwent great hardship because they preached in the name of Jesus. So . . . whenever you find yourself locked behind a door of fear, pray to the Holy Spirit and ask for the courage to unlock the door and step outside. Then, as St. Angela said, get ready for Big Surprises!