Earlier this week I was on jury duty. It was my first time since moving to St. Louis a year and a half ago. It meant getting downtown early, going through security, and navigating the labyrinthine hallways and check points in the court house. It also involved a lot of sitting and waiting with gobs of other people to see if I’d be called to serve. I was assigned a number: 315. This was my identity over the course of the day.

While waiting I observed attorneys, judges, marshals, plaintiffs, defendants, Mercy Ctr STLwitnesses, court personnel and jurors like myself. Everyone participating in the justice process, everyone hoping to render or receive justice. While it’s no secret that our U.S. justice system is in need of reform, it works better here than in many other countries. Even though I played a small part in it all, throughout the day I found myself  praying this line from Psalm 51. I hope that by my participation I was somehow able to open a path of justice and peace for another.