Last week we had several of our Ursuline Sisters from other parts of the country here in St. Louis for a meeting. It’s always a joy to be together and catch up with one another. It just so happens that Spring is in full bloom here now and the breathtaking beauty of flower clip artMother Nature is stunning—green grass, flowering trees and bushes, and gorgeous spring flowers in a rainbow of colors. All of our visitors marveled at it. And then I got to thinking . . . what about the beauty that’s in us? It can be much harder to notice, but no less breathtaking; and it’s easy to take for granted. The beauty in others is frequently easier to detect than the beauty in myself.

So here’s a point for prayer. Click on this link to the song Beauty in You by one of my favorite singer-songwriters Karen Drucker. Listen as if God is singing it to you and pay attention to how you feel. Then call to mind someone you know. Listen to the song a second time and reflect on how you would fill in the blank “I see the _____ in you.” Is it beauty? Courage? Light? Wisdom? Goodness? Strength? Consider sending the person a note of gratitude for what she or he adds to your life and to our world community.