P1030763Last week I had the pleasure of presenting workshops at Ursuline Academy of Wilmington, Delaware.  I loved being with students, especially the sophomores, and these girls were engaged and energetic. We talked about the future and how one discovers her passion and place in life–her VOCATION. St. Angela says “Believe, Hope, Act.” The first step is to believe that God has given you unique gifts, talents, and goodness that will make you happy as well as let you serve others well.

It’s not always easy for people to believe in themselves. It helps to pay attention to what you enjoy—favorite school subjects, hobbies, free time activities.  Then, as St. Angela urges, “listen to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit within your heart.” Pay attention to what brings a feeling of peace, self-realization, joy.  Ask God to help you discern—sift—what is going on in your life and within your soul.  You will eventually find the gold of who you are as a person as well as your own best P1030767place, vocation, in life.

Reflecting on the gold of who we really are takes time and can be beneficial for all of us in these Lenten days. How satisfied are you with the ways you’ve developed your God-given gifts? Do you use these well in serving others? Is the Holy Spirit moving you to develop some personal quality or gift that might help you live your vocation with greater joy and passion?