I returned last night from New Orleans where I went to visit our Ursuline Sisters who live at Our Lady of Wisdom Healthcare Center. OLW statueSix of our Sisters—ranging in age from 78 to 102—live there. This was my first visit. I was met by Lady Wisdom before I walked through the front door, and recognized her in my Sisters, the staff and the many residents who call Our Lady of Wisdom home.

Our Lady of Wisdom is an ever-present, guiding force in the lives of our elder Sisters.photo (23) Their many decades of contemplation and action have formed them in the ways of the Spirit and of the heart. Each Sister had some nugget of wisdom to share with me, many years their junior. At the age of 102, Sr. Marie McCloskey, blue eyes sparkling, shared this nugget of wisdom that I want to pass along: So many people think that they have to do something to earn God’s love. God’s love is free! It’s impossible to earn it. You just have to accept it, receive it. That’s all. It’s right here all around us! Now that’s wisdom!