UntitledRead almost any company’s description of its human resources management and you’ll find it wants people with certain skills, talent, initiative, dedication, and commitment. One CEO recently said, “Our goal is to expand our talented team of professionals to support our best-in-class endeavors”—this for a laundry systems company!

I wonder what Jesus was looking for when he said “Come, follow me” to Peter and Andrew, James and John. Did he interrogate them on their commitment to his “best-in-class endeavors”?  Did he probe their backgrounds and check out their professionalism? Or was he simply focused on doing the work of God,—together with other good-hearted people—to communicate a message of love and mercy to those who longed for it?

energyWe who are followers of Jesus today— students, teachers, ordinary men and women doing regular jobs –don’t have to be super-human. We belong to a company, a community, whose endeavors reach far beyond worldly success. We are “members of the household of God . . . being built together into a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.”  (Eph. 2) If we can keep this in mind during these ordinary days, we should have plenty of everyday energy to carry on.