With the beauty of Christmas still shining, it’s back to work and ordinary days for many of us.  Thankfully, the light brought by the Son of God does not dim when tinsel and tree lights are packed away. This light shines on, source of wisdom in times of trouble, hope in moments of fear, and love—always love.

P1030670I saw the vibrancy of Christ’s light last week in “the Dome” in St. Louis, where more than 16,000 young adults celebrated their Christian faith at Urbana 15.  The stadium rocked with song, camaraderie, and inspiring presentations.  There was emphasis on community, justice, and mission.  Most of all, the desire for personal relationship with Jesus was brought front and center.  It was an amazing sight.

Moving ahead in 2016, I pray we may all remain alive in the light shining from the face of Christ, certain that no darkness can ever overcome it.

Rise up! God is leading you in joy by the light of glory, with mercy and justice.