Tomorrow is Thanksgiving—a national holiday. Many people I’ve talked with recently have expressed the difficulty they experience trying to feel grateful in light of recent terrorist attacks and the violence and evil that Thanks clip artseems to surround us no matter where we live. To many, gratitude feels out of place and hard to access.

This sentiment brought to mind an article I read recently. It quoted Passionist priest and geologian Thomas Berry (1914-2008): “Despair is a luxury we can’t afford right now.” Although Berry was referring to something else, I think it’s still food for thought. We still have much for which to be grateful. Perhaps we will need to dig more deeply within our hearts to access it, but it’s certainly there. Gratitude needs to be acknowledged and expressed.

As the American writer and Roman Catholic Flannery O’Connor wrote: “You need to push as hard as the age that pushes against you.” So, if you’re feeling pushed by the evil and violence and ignorance and (fill in the blank) of this age, start pushing back. Our world community needs no less.