2006-142mHow often we grumble about life passing so quickly!  There’s not time for this or that.   We’re tired of rushing and never catching up. We just want to stop and enjoy. Life seems to be slipping through our fingers like sand.

The American singer and songwriter, Audrey Assad, has a contemporary Christian song called “Slow” that holds a new take on it all. Listen here.  “Love is slow,” she sings. Yes, at times, love seems very slow.  We want to save the earth from destruction, but it’s so slow.  We work for peace, build bridges that take so much time, struggle to understand one another and become one people. Isn’t life in its deepest meaning also glowslow?  The song continues: “Faith is not a fire, as much as it’s a glow, a quiet lovely burning underneath the snow . . . . a little burning ember in my weary soul . . .  it’s not too much, it’s just enough to get me home.”

The Scriptures say that even our God is slowslow to anger and abounding in mercy.  This God, who has been with us forever, takes all the time needed to show us the real meaning of love and of life.  May we rely on the glow of faith within to help us accept that some things are slow, and to understand the wisdom of that.