November in my small corner of the world can often feel disorienting. We change our clocks back an hour at the beginning of the month. By 3:00 p.m. I notice a shift in the light. Darkness arrives much too soon. Trees drop their leaves, revealing once-hidden vistas. Light and shadow vie for attention.

In November, the Church invites us to remember those who have preceded us in life. We recall in a special way our family and friends who have died—those with whom patio tablewe’ve walked in times of light and shadow. We reflect on the light and shadow within us and around us. The shadows in this photo guide my eyes to the central design. I sense that this late Autumn season is doing the same for my spirit. As light weakens and shadows grow, the distractions of summer’s activity dims.  The shadows of early darkness draw me inward to focus on the Light that lives at the center of all life. As you go about your day, try to pay attention to the moments of light and shadow that you encounter.  Follow them with your eyes and let them lead you deeper.