Fast PacedRapidification–it’s a mighty big word.  Pope Francis uses it in his newest encyclical letter on the care of our earth to refer to the more intensified pace of life and work of today.  Then he gives a zinger: “the goals of this rapid and constant change are not necessarily geared to the common good or to integral and sustainable human development.”

whirlwindI do believe he’s hit a nail on the head. He is, of course, speaking about the macro level, the effects of rapidication on the world community.  But we might consider the whirlwind of our own lives.  Is its pace one that promotes the common good of our families, work communities, those around us in need? Does our multi-tasking lead to the best development of persons who depend on us? How often do we take time for real conversation, for listening and offering support?  Do we integrate into our days moments of reflection, rest, and time to pray?  The swirling leaves of these early autumn days make me ponder the rapidification of our world, of my own life. Papa Francesco’s words are worth considering at every level.