Today’s the day!  Church bells will ring all over the USA at 4:00 p.m. EDT when Pope Francis lands for his first time in this country.  It’s not just a historical moment but one of deep grace and opportunity, and I suggest we Untitledbe ready to listen, pray, and watch.

Listen–to what this first Pope from the Southern Hemisphere says. There’s been a lot of hype about what he should say, but here’s his schedule.  Take time to listen to what he really says.

Pray–the prayers in this virtual pilgrimage with the Vicar of Christ, who so genuinely implores, “I need your prayers.”

Watch–each gesture, facial expression, and movement as he encourages a “culture of encounter.”  Tune in to video on demand for highlights from each day.  Notice how those normally rejected by our society, the poor, elderly and disabled, are tenderly respected and loved by this man named Francis. And do celebrate the blessings God gives to our Church and country during this very special visit.