coffee cupI recently viewed the DVD For the Love of It by Dewitt Jones a former freelance photographer for the National Geographic Society. He shares some advice that his mother gave him, “Start each day with a full cup.” Sounds simple, right? Stop for a moment. Quickly answer these two questions: What fills your cup? When was the last time you did it?

My answer to the first question came pretty easily. Three things that fill my cup are God, nature and music. The answer to the second question gave me pause. I spend time with God in prayer each day, no question. My relationship with God is the ultimate meaning of my life. But nature and music? Hmmm . . . They’re gifts of God that fill and energize me, but I don’t immerse myself in them much. One of the unexpected gifts of the Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation [Sept. 1] and the variety of online resources for the Monarch caterpillar at Oak HavenSeason of Creation is that I’ve spent extra time encountering nature and being filled with the mystery of it all. Just last week I watched a monarch caterpillar munch on parsley over several days while gaining strength for the next phase of its journey and a 2-inch long spider spinning a thick, glossy web. I’ve downloaded some favorite music and listen to it at night before I go to bed. When I do these things my cup—my heart—feels filled to overflowing. Pure gift from a loving God who longs to send each of us out each day with a full cup to share with those we encounter.

Try to spend some time with these two simple questions today. Keep in mind that your thoughtful answers—and what you do with them—will transform not only your life, but the life of all around you.