Sunday morning we went to a wonderful Spanish Mass at St. Margaret of Scotland. The Mass was beautiful and the priest even took time to have all the parishioners welcome us. Sisters Karen and Maria Teresa took us to explore some more of Laredo and delicious shaved ice at La Unica. We were fortunate enough to be hosted by some fellow Ursuline alums (Laredo) for dinner. Sisterhood was the “S” of the day, and what better way to demonstrate sisterhood!

IMG_4924Monday was a really great day for us. We started our day off at the Senior Center. Today was jewelry making day and, oh my…the seniors LOVED it! Even those that were not able to thread the beads themselves gave us volunteers their color choices and we were able to make the bracelets for them. When it was time for lunch they did not even want to eat, they wanted to continue to make jewelry! We felt the bond of community more than ever today.

IMG_4931Following our time at the Senior Center, we went to work with Sister Maria Teresa at the Holding Institute. Today was another very productive day of cleaning. We have it looking in tip-top shape! We are proud that we can contribute to the better servicing of the immigrants. Tomorrow we will be wrapping everything up, so be sure to check-in with us!

-Laura and Nicole P1030338