Day 4 was a day of adventure and discovery. The day started out with Sr. Maria Teresa showing everyone a presentation to raise our awareness about the current state of immigration and the work of Catholic Social Services. Immigrants are usually women and children, and come mostly from Central America, from Honduras or Guatemala.

photo 1After this presentation, Sr. Karen took the four Ursuline alumnae on a tour of Laredo. Our first stop was to see the Rio Grande and Mexican border. All of us were shocked at how close we were to Mexico. You could throw a stone to the other side of the river – that’s how close Mexico is. There were lines of people at the border to visit America for the day.

Other stops on our tour included a local Texas market. Sr. Karen was sure to add the history of everywhere we went. She showed us the local community college as well as Laredo’s art district and downtown.

P1030237After the group reconvened for lunch, we all set out to San Bernardo Street to explore.  The street was lined with different shops, selling Mexican made imports.  The walls were lined with metal crafts, wooden furniture, and brightly colored art. In these shops, there was something for everyone.

With the relaxing afternoon off, everyone prepared for dinner. The Ursuline Sisters generously took care of dinner for the night. Sister Karen found a local restaurant with Mariachi bands playing on the weekends. It was quite a treat to get a taste of the local culture. As we understand more about Laredo, our work begins to have a deeper meaning.

– Claire and Sara