Last evening was clear and lovely in St. Louis, and I had the wonderful gift of tickets to our Muny outdoor theater. This is the 97th season for the St. Louis Muny, and this week’s show brings us to 1960s Baltimore, setting for the energetic Hairspray.  Music and dance, colorful sets and costumes combined to entertain and whirlwindprovide lots of laughs.

But there was a struggle in the story that is only too real at this time in history, in this city and around this country.  Fear and hatred of racial differences, refusal to see all persons as worthy of respect, and the tireless, slow and essential effort needed to achieve real peace was front and center throughout the show.  The final song described it so well: “you can’t stop the motion of the ocean or the sun in the sky. . .  You can’t stop the river as it rushes to the sea. . . Cause the world keeps spinnin round and round . . . Tomorrow is a brand new day, and it don’t know white from black.”  May we listen to the Spirit of Life within us and engage in the motion of life around us to learn to live as ONE FAMILY!