seedsThis past Sunday the Church returned to what is called Ordinary Time. The big feasts like Pentecost and Corpus Christi are over, and we’re invited to take all that we’ve received and live it in our ordinary lives. I think last Sunday’s Gospel—Mark 4:26-34—a story about a farmer who sows seeds and another about how large a tiny mustard seed can grow, was the perfect image for our New Orleans service trip. Our week together was a time of sowing seeds—in the campers, their families, the individuals who come to serve and seek help at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church and St. Jude’s Center, as well as in our own hearts. Now we’re all back into ordinary time, living our ordinary lives, but with a twist. There’s a seed or two that God has planted deep within us all. How it grows remains a mystery known only to God. Our job is simply to allow it to grow and flourish.