Yesterday was another fun-filled adventure with the children. We started our day with circle drawings inspired by Kandinsky, followed by finishing touches to their paper maché bowls. The children gathered around on the floor to paint their masterpieces on real canvases; boats, flowers and even a shark could be seen in their works of art.painting After lunch we sketched again in the French Quarter, but this time they were done in colored pencil and marker, unlike graphite pencils that were previously used. After singing, the children broke out into two groups in the afternoon; one explored with rubbing art while the others stayed back and enjoyed an impromptu guitar jam session with Father Tony. After camp, all of the counselors tookguitar a driving tour of the lower 9th Ward to reflect on the devastation that remains so many years later and witnessed the hope from the spirit of New Orleans that will never die. We finished our evening with a NOLA favorite of Crawfish Monica so generously prepared by Jane Ann Frosch, the Development Director at UA New Orleans. Sister Carolyn also joined us to share her experience of living through Katrina and how all religious communities banded together to rebuild their ministries.

Meg & Lindsay