P1030051Today, we arrived in “uniform” for our planned trip to the New Orleans Museum of Art. The children were also “uniformed” in their bright crafty and snazzy shirts and caps, which they painted and designed themselves. Before takeoff, we worked on a new project, “title cards” which will help identify the projects for the Art Exhibit on Friday. The title card entails a framed ‘selfie’ which wasP1030062 taken at the French Quarter.

Departure for NOMA, on the yellow school bus, was exciting for the little ones, moms and grandparents who joined the group, and all of us. At the museum, the children were introduced to different types of media, including landscapes and still life portraits. They were very enthusiastic to learn about many new pieces.

FullSizeRenderA nice stroll through the Sculpture Garden provided time for the campers to get some fresh air and burn off a little energy. We saw many different sculptures of different sizes and materials that showed us that not all art is paint and canvas. At the end of the day, if you want to find us just look for the “Red Shirted Ladies” and the neon hats!

Paige & Sorinil