Yesterday was an exciting day filled with artwork, friendship, songs and memories. The children were reluctant at first to dip their little hands into the paper maché, but once all volunteers encouraged the children to dip in strips of paper and smooth over a Day 2balloon, the fun really began. Sister Regina Marie taught the children about reliefs and we all helped to create masterpieces with play doh as the medium of choice. After lunch we ventured into the French Quarter to do some more sketching, and made it back to the parish hall before the rain. We were to read books, but were all surprised at how the children were reading to us instead of the other way around. Each child lit up with joy when they worked through a difficult word or paragraph. With the help of SRM’s Beadsfriend Sharon, we strung together colorful name bracelets. Song and dance was followed by sponge paint. Before we knew it we had to say goodbye to our friends until tomorrow.

Afterwards the volunteers spent several hours shopping and exploring the French Quarter before meeting for dinner and retiring for the evening. The dinner was sponsored by the generosity of the Ursuline Sisters who are also holding us in prayer, for which we are grateful.

Caitlin and Lindsay