I frequently am asked, “What do nuns do for fun?” People have all kinds of ideas about “what nuns do all day.” Often at the top of the list is praying, followed by teaching or some aspect of ministry. Beyond that most people draw a blank. Since no one is born a nun, we enjoy doing the same things everyone else does—sports, hiking, camping, picnics, entertainment, music, reading, games, baking, going to the beach, hanging out with friends, visiting family, bike riding, swimming—just to name a few!

Jean's friendOne thing is for certain: when two or more Ursuline Sisters get together for fun, you can expect the unexpected. Just a few days ago a group of us went out for dinner at the end of a daylong meeting. We unexpectedly ran into Gianino in the parking lot and the fun began! As you might guess, it didn’t stop until we were back in the car and on our way home.

So the next time you wonder what nuns do all day, keep “prayer” and “service” at the top of the list, but remember to include “have fun.”