Lincoln MonumentOne hundred and fifty years ago TODAY, President Abraham Lincoln was shot while attending the theatre with his wife.  It was Good Friday and five days after the end of the Civil War.  Lincoln lived only until the next day.

Last week, church bells rang out across Illinois e pluribus unumand the nation in remembrance of the end of that deadly war. Catholic Bishops of Illinois had asked for this “with a sense of respect for those who have labored these many years to act on President Lincoln’s vision and with a profound sense of hope for the future.” Our efforts to fashion “E Pluribus Unum”–one from many–go on. This evening, people will attend a prayer service for peace in Ferguson, Missouri, because  shootings and hatred continue. There is still so much to do.

Author Joe Wheeler wrote in Abraham Lincoln, a Man of Faith and Courage, that Lincoln did not believe a person’s glory lies in their own goodness, but rather in “being made in the image of the Living God.” May we discover this shining image of God in each and every person we meet today.