Easter MosaicEaster isn’t just one day, it’s a whole season, so let’s celebrate! From Easter to Pentecost and beyond, we rejoice in the LIFE we have witnessed in Jesus, astounding as it is.

“There are Christians whose lives seem like Lent without Easter,” Pope Francis says. Ah, yes, it’s not easy to be Easter people.  Sometimes it’s simpler to just be a grouch. If we complain about life, push our burdens onto others, and blame them for how we feel, maybe we’ll get some sympathy. Then we can be the center of attention.

UntitledBut we are Easter people! Yes, we’ve been through Lent, in more ways than one. But life eternal is already begun in us.  So tap into the JOY of Easter, the JOY of the Gospel.  Here are some simple ways:

  • Lighten up– eat lunch outdoors, listen to music, laugh;
  • Tune in to the young– chat with a child, observe her inner freedom and joy, play;
  • Look at the bright side– be grateful, choose to be hopeful, ask Jesus to assure you that all really will be well;
  • Believe you are a person of Easter Joy, and that it’s a gift of the Risen Jesus!