Do you ever feel pulled in different directions sometimes? So much to do, so little time? Trying your hardest to multi-task and stay afloat, only to feel as if you’re not spring clip artdoing anything well? When I typed spring into the clip art file, this tree came up. I found it whimsical and was drawn to the color and variety. But then my head kicked-in and I noticed how the tree appeared windblown and chaotic. Flowers that grow in the ground were up in the tree limbs. As a spring allergy sufferer, just looking at it made my eyes itch.

When I get too bogged down by tasks, all that remains undone, and the ever-so-serious business of life, I miss out on the wild, joyful “God winks” all around me. Our Creating God made this world in all of it’s seasons for our delight. To wear a blindfold—even occasionally—is to make myself and my concerns more important than that of the Creator. I become my own idol. That’s a good thought for me to reflect on during this 4th week of Lent.