l[1]Just returned from Central Europe, I find my heart spinning with events of these past 2 weeks.  The international community  of Ursulines is truly amazing. With histories and cultures that are quite different, it’s a bit of a miracle that an American can step into the lives of persons in the Czech and Slovak countries and feel right at home.  It’s what religious community is all about— living God’s love in a fractured world.

P1020709My residence in Slovakia was an Ursuline community more than 330 years old. I met Sisters who, exiled from their convents and schools during the time of socialism, had spent decades working in factories or centers for disabled DSC_4035children. I also encountered the new generation of Ursulines–bright, full of energy, tech savvy, and eager to fully live the Ursuline mission.

As we engaged in workshops about the leadership we Ursulines are called to give in the world today, we all became more aware of a most important aspect of that: the unreserved witness of living community as a sign of our God who is always the God of Communion.